ECG (Electrocardiogram) 

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ECG Cost in Hyderabad

An ECG is a simple test used to monitor your heartbeat and electrical activity. At certain areas on the chest, arms, and legs, small sticky plastic patches known as electrodes are placed. Electrical signals are detected by these electrodes whenever your heart beats. Thus the electrodes measure the electrical activity of your heart and give a print out as they are connected to an ECG machine.

A natural electrical impulse is what keeps blood flowing in the right direction by coordinating the contractions of different parts of the heart. These electrical impulses are recorded by an ECG to display the heartbeat rhythm (too fast or too slow) and speed. The intensity and timing of the natural electrical impulses can also be recorded as they travel through the different areas of your heart. ECG changes may be a sign of different heart conditions.

When an ECG Test is done ?

Often an ECG test is done along with other diagnostic tests to evaluate and monitor various conditions that affect your heart.
It is used to investigate several symptoms that indicate a possible heart problem like chest pain, palpitations dizziness and breathing problems.

You can detect the following heart condition with an ECG:

Arrhythmias – it is a condition of irregular heartbeat where your heart beats too slowly or too quickly
Coronary heart disease – a condition which blocks your heart’s blood supply due to the accumulation of plaque or fats
Heart attacks – occur when the blood supply to your heart is blocked suddenly
Cardiomyopathy – when the heart wall becomes enlarged or thickens

People who have been diagnosed with a heart condition or who are taking medication that may affect their hearts can also take a series of ECGs over time to monitor their condition. An electrocardiogram does not cause any pain or risk.

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