Varicose veins affect many people and it occurs when the valves in the veins do not work well. As a result, blood flows in the opposite direction and blood pools in the legs causing varicose veins. The treatment for varicose veins has been developing in recent years. Earlier, the vein stripping procedure was used to remove the affected vein. This involved a longer recovery period. Later, laser and radiofrequency were used which require several injections of anesthesia.

In recent times, medical glue is been used to treat varicose veins that seal the veins with the damaged valves. It has several benefits over other treatments and it is less invasive.

What Happens During the Glue Therapy?

During the procedure, you will be given local anesthesia to numb the area near the knee. A needle will be inserted into the vein and a catheter is passed near the main vein. As the catheter is withdrawn, the glue will be injected. Then, pressure is applied to the skin’s surface above the varicose veins to ensure the walls of the veins are glued together. This makes the veins to shut down as the glue seals. The same procedure is applied several times for the entire diseased vein. The procedure is performed using the images of ultrasound.

What Happens After the Procedure?

After the glue therapy treatment, you can walk immediately without any recovery time. You can also resume your regular activities and you can go to work. But you need to avoid strenuous physical activities for around 48 hours. You should also avoid a longer duration of flight journey and standing for a longer period of three weeks. You need to visit your doctor after two or three weeks to get your treated veins checked.

What Makes Glue Therapy Different from Other Treatments?

Glue therapy is considered to be more simple and more effective at treating varicose veins than other treatments. The following advantages make glue therapy to stand at the top of the list of varicose veins treatments:

  • It does not require multiple injections of local anesthesia
  • It does not cause any pain, discomfort and bruising as other procedures such as vein stripping
  • Do not possess any risk of skin burn and damage to nerves which can be caused by laser
  • As there is no pain, you do not need to take any medications after the treatment
  • As veins are removed through small incisions, there is no need for wearing compression stockings, which might be required in other treatments
  • The procedure can be completed in less than an hour and the recovery is also faster

Who is Suitable for Glue Therapy?

Glue therapy is suitable for people who have varicose veins of more than 2 cms in diameter. It is also suitable if the varicose veins occur deep inside the legs. However, it may not be suitable if you have undergone sclerotherapy or surgery to treat your affected veins.

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