Cardiac Health Checkup Package


Cardiac Health Checkup Package

In the past heart diseases were more commonly seen in elder people, but in recent years, it has been found that the young generation is equally prone to certain heart diseases. This is due to unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, & eating more junk food. In addition, continual stress at work and lack of physical exercise and many other unhealthy practices also result in heart problems.

It is a well-known fact that the number of heart patients has increased significantly over the last five years. This is one of the prime reasons why experts suggest a cardiac check-up for everyone.

Klavo Heart-Check Package is a complete high-end package that contains a set of routine and special heart-related tests to evaluate your heart health or cardiovascular status. This package comprises all necessary tests from general imaging tests to advanced tests along with a 640 Slice CT Coronary Angiogram for early detection of coronary artery disease.

Benefits of the Klavo cardiac checkup package

Having regular cardiac checkups can help you to prevent many heart diseases. It helps your doctors to know about your blood pressure, heartbeat and other functions of your heart.

Regular heart checkups can determine whether you are at any risk of a heart attack, or any other type of heart disease. This comprehensive heart check-up package is a combination of a wide variety of tests designed to identify any heart-related problems. 

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