Covid Care


Covid Care Package

Here are the important tests of covid health checkup package:

  • CBP
  • CUE
  • ESR
  • CRP
  • Prothrombin-time
  • D-Dimer
  • Serum Ferritin
  • LDH

COVID-19, a deadly respiratory disease that has spread to various parts of the globe has already taken a huge number of innocent lives all over the world. Based on the data obtained and confirmed from trusted sources, the number of individuals infected by the Coronavirus continues to rise around the globe, which has raised concerns for ordinary people. This debilitating disease is accompanied by a variety of illnesses such as severe respiratory complications, headache, throat pain, cold and fatigue and many more.

Some of us are not aware of why COVID care tests are important. The need for COVID care tests is very important to control the disease. Unfortunately, this deadly disease sometimes goes symptomless in the initial stages. This is why experts recommend every person opt for COVID19 monitoring care packages which include a set of tests to diagnose the presence of Coronavirus traces

The main objective of the tests in the package is to identify the severity of the disease clearly and the impact of the disease on your overall health. Some blood tests are crucial for Covid-19, and they are recommended by most doctors which include Interleukin-6, A complete blood count (CBC), C-Reactive Protein (CRP), D-dimer, Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), Ferritin and Procalcitonin. They all carry the same level of importance and are carried out sequentially after a sample has been collected from an infected person.

Klavo’s Post COVID Care Package

SARS-COV-2 has been observed to leave some long-term negative effects on the human body, even after recovering from it. This may be quite harmful and potentially deadly in the end. It seems very dangerous to have such adverse effects on many organs of the body, which includes the immune response even after the virus has been eliminated.

According to experts, the immune system and blood contain numerous types of markers that indicate how much damage has been caused to the body by the virus. If you are experiencing or have experienced any severe form of Corona infection, you should undergo certain tests.
In fact, the virus damages many vital organs of the human body.

Even after recovering from Covid-19, many people are experiencing different post-covid complications and most of them are long-term. This is why experts suggest post-covid health checks for people who have already recovered.

To make our patients feel comfortable, Kalvo Diagnostic Clinics offers a comprehensive post-covid health checkup package. It is a set of tests to evaluate the health of all major body organs such as the lungs, liver, heart, kidney etc. along with other hormonal tests.

In order to avoid potential health risks, people who have recovered from COVID-19 should undergo regular checkups until their health condition returns to normal.


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