The first thing that comes to mind when you think of microbes is those viruses that transmit colds and the ‘flu, or bacteria that can cause severe health problems like meningitis and tuberculosis. Microbiology is a branch of science where microbiologists study and research about microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Microbiology plays a dominant role in many sectors which include the environment, agriculture, food industry, health care and many more.

Microbiology in Health Care

Microbiologists are medical professionals who provide services to diagnose and manage numerous infectious diseases and also ensure the well-being of patients who are at risk of acquiring infectious diseases. Though the role of the microbiologist is laboratory-based, they are increasingly involved in clinical trials these days.

When any patient has the signs of an infection, the doctor will explain the likely cause and recommend necessary tests for diagnosis. The tests procedures may include detection of parasites with the help of a microscope, biochemical tests to determine bacteria colonies or molecular tests to detect organisms that influence behaviour.

A bacteriologist interprets results and recommends further tests and antibiotic treatment based on the findings. Our Microbiologists at Klavo Clinics have hands-on experience in performing diagnostic tests and we ensure prompt and accurate test results for all our patients.
It is necessary to understand how microbes work before microbiologists can solve problems caused by microbes. This knowledge can be used to treat or prevent diseases, develop new methods, and improve our lives.

Microbiologists play a key role in treating infectious diseases. Many microbiologists are working as medical researchers in various hospitals and laboratories: collecting and testing body tissue, urine, blood, and other body fluids to diagnose infections.

Some microbiologists study about microbes that cause diseases, like flu, TB, and the details they collect play a key role in developing vaccines and improving existing treatments.

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