The Klavo Clinics has been offering pharmacy services since its inception. Pharmacy’s main function involves acquiring high-quality medicines directly from pharmaceutical companies and dispensing them to our outpatients and inpatients. Our pharmacists are highly qualified and certified. We always strive to provide genuine and quality medicines at affordable prices to our patients.

All the medicines we provide are purchased under the guidance of our therapeutic committee, which consists of members of all departments, such as Pediatrics, OB/GYN, dentistry, general surgery, etc.

In Klavo Clinics, we employ licensed pharmacists to dispense the medicines to our patients. Patients who come to our Pharmacy to purchase medicines get their prescriptions in a marked envelope. It has instructions on which medicine to take, when to take, and how many times a day, either before or after meals etc. Our pharmacist answers all the queries of patients in detail with patience.

We are extending our pharmacy hours to accommodate an increasing number of patients. Our core objective has always been to provide quality medication. Every fluid bottle such as I.V. fluid, saline, and others is checked under a tube light for sediment particles before it is given to patients.

Storage facilities play is a major factor in preserving the quality and potency of drugs, medicines and other medical products. So we have installed central air-conditioning in the pharmacy to maintain temperature. All medicines that require low temperatures are stored in a freezing unit based on the temperature chart, and the temperature is monitored frequently. Whenever we give these medicines to patients, we instruct them how to transport and store them at home.

Klavo Clinics’ pharmacists work with physicians in every department to administer pharmaceutical care both to inpatients and outpatients to improve outcomes and reduce adverse effects related to drug treatment.

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